5 Super easy ways to keep Colds and Flu’s at bay this Winter

5 Super easy ways to keep Colds and Flu’s at bay this Winter

I’ve spoken about my yearly battle with colds and flu’s a few times now but here are 5 really simple things you and your family can do this winter to boost your immune system and keep those colds and flu’s at bay.

  1. Be mindful of hygiene

It’s a no brainer right – but if everyone else has coughs and colds and you’re touching all the same things you need to be washing those hands more frequently and getting your kids to do the same. Sneeze or cough into the crook of your elbow to reduce any germs spreading.

  1. Super boost that immune system

Would you head into a battle without armour? Nope? Heading into winter with a poor immune system is just letting the enemy (cough and cold viruses) waltz in and have their merry way with you! It is so much easier to prevent coughs and colds than to get over the illness. This is the reason you have an immune system! Support it by getting enough sleep (listen to your body this time of year, you may need more rest), eating a wide variety of warming and nourishing foods, staying away from too much alcohol, caffeine, sugar and processed foods that don’t support your immune system.

  1. Get a little sunshine

Shorter days and less sunshine make this a tricky one for us over winter – but reduced exposure to sunlight during winter can also slow our immune system down. We don’t make as much melanin (think happy hormone) and reduced Vitamin D as a result. These are both important to our immune function – so if the sun is shining try and get out in it for 10 – 20 minutes (and don’t forget to roll up your sleeves to maximise your exposure!)

  1. Stop a cold or flu in its tracks

If you do start to feel that cold or flu – often a sore throat, feeling a bit out of sorts or a headache – climb into bed and rest up with a cup of warm Jamu with some added lemon juice and coconut oil or even a dash of cayenne pepper can really help to kick those germs back out the door!

  1. A Jamu a day keeps the coughs and colds at bay!

Prevetion is SOOOOO much better than cure, herbal remedies and supplements tend to work best taken over a period of time to build up your immune system so that you are less likely to get colds and flu’s. The ingredients in Jamu support your immune system so that even if you are exposed to cold and flu germs you will be better equipped to fight them off. Last year (2017) when so many people had weeks off work with that terrible flu, we only had 1-2 days where we needed to rest up and kept the flu at bay with extra Jamu, garlic, chilli and a whole range of spices that have immune boosting properties! We aren’t promising you will never get sick again but we are loving not having so much time off with those debilitating colds and flu’s.

Remember – if you do succumb, stay away from school and work, stay warm, stay hydrated and eat nourishing foods such as home made soups and seek medical attention if your flu or cough is severe and not improving.

Note: we haven’t spoken about getting the flu shot in this blog. (Please respect we are not interested or qualified in a debate about vaccination on this blog – If you have a suppressed immune system, younger or older or work with people that have poor health it is advised to obtain the flu shot each year after consultation with your health professional.)

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