A new year has many of us reviewing our health and well being goals and I have been no different this year – although the last couple of years I have focused on more about ‘self love’ and trying not be un-realistic about my body, ageing and what I can achieve rather than drastic detox diets.

Our daily detox
I’m not a huge advocate of extreme detoxes or diets but I just wanted to eat a bit ‘cleaner’ in the new year. I’m going with salads, less sugar, and of course our daily Jamu! We have also been adding natural mineral water to our Jamu on hot afternoons a great replacement for alcohol or ‘special drinks’.
In a way this is our ‘detox’ and I was reminded of this when I was looking through all the many amazing things Jamu’s ingredients help you with when you are trying to ‘detox’ or live a little cleaner, like:

1. Turmeric and ginger have both been shown to increase blood flow and circulation which helps to speed up so many vital functions of our body – including removing toxins and inflammatory substances.

2. Ginger supports functioning digestive enzymes which supports proper digestion of nutrients and improves your metabolism.

3. Turmeric stimulates prostaglandin production – these amazing proteins are just amazing inflammation fighters – helping you to feel cleansed.

4. Lemon increases your metabolic rate and assists your digestive tract to maintain a healthy pH

5. Turmeric stimulates proteins and hormones in your liver that support metabolism and cellular functions – the liver is the cleaning powerhouse of your body – supporting your liver is a no brainer!

Our daily Jamu effectively means we are supporting our body to detox every day! Why build up all that gunk in your body only then to have to go on an extreme diet to ‘detox’ once per year? To us – its more like a daily balance sheet – Jamu helps our body process things that aren’t so great for our system- surely that’s something we all need every day of the year!