Healing faster and preventing sports injuries

I love exercising and playing sports and while I’m very much an amateur – one thing most of us have in common with elite athletes is that no one is immune to injury and breakdown of joints. 

It’s just so frustrating to be sidelined from doing something you love because of an injury or disease! 

After deciding to get fit post children I found myself in this situation when hip pain I had been experiencing was diagnosed as arthritis.  This was so devastating to me – I’d only ever suffered relatively minor injuries before that had quite short recovery phases.  But arthritis in my late 30s!  I felt like I would never be able to function normally again, let alone play sport. 

I did need some surgery to repair the damage the arthritis had done to my hip joint for many years but I have managed to drastically slow the progress of any further arthritis through reducing inflammation sources in my diet and of course my daily Jamu!  Now I’m back loving my walks, runs and tennis again and the arthritic pain that had started in my hands is well managed and I have not developed further pain or symptoms.

Turmeric is just amazing at supporting your body to reduce inflammation in a number of ways – blocking common inflammation pathways but also as an anti-oxidant to help reduce the effect of inflammatory compounds from our food, drink, stress and environmental exposure.

I would have loved to have this in my younger years – like an insurance policy against joint breakdown.  My kids love their Manuka Jamu and I hope that I am supporting them to not face things like arthritis and joint pain as early in their life as I did. 

Now our Jamu helps so many amateur and professional sports people alike – GWS Giants AFLW footballer Phoebe Monahan who has been seeing results post an ankle injury last year, supporting the body’s natural recovery.  Jamu has helped so many sports people from bodybuilders and runners to tennis players – no matter what sport you’re into, but particularly those where great pressure is placed on the joints that increases the risk of injury and degenerative diseases such as arthritis. 

The best thing about taking some Jamu everyday is that it can be easily added to your routine, rather than adding more pills to take – try it with some boiling water as a herbal tea or add it to your next power smoothie! 

Photo credit: Instagram @phoebemonahan_