Why isn’t Jamu cold pressed?

Why isn’t Jamu cold pressed?

I love a fresh juice or smoothie and there is just no limit to the variety of flavours and combinations available – so easy to make at home or purchase at the many juice bars and cafés now. There is certainly many reasons why cold pressed and fresh juices are better than pre-processed. Increased vitamin, fibre and anti-oxidant content.

The trouble is, when we are told something is really healthy we tend to think this is the ONLY way to consume all our food and supplements– and this is true of cold pressed and fresh juices. Whilst this is a better way of consuming many fruit and vegetables, Turmeric is a great example of why the process of making Jamu (heating and combining with other ingredients) is far better than cold pressing. Heating has been shown to activate the functional compounds within turmeric and also helps to reduce compounds that can hinder turmeric’s effect in the body (eg. oxalates). Studies have shown that the curcumin in turmeric is only activated when heated and this process also boosts the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds found in turmeric. So you might be adding some fibre to your next smoothie if you blend in turmeric but you certainly won’t be getting the most of it from a health perspective!

A way better option is to add your daily Jamu to your favourite juice or smoothie and then you get the best of all the cold pressed ingredients and the health benefits of Jamu – a supercharged juice!

There is comfort in the wisdom of recipes passed down through generations over hundreds of years to make Jamu and now we have science to support why these ingredients and processes let you absorb the most potent form.

So, don’t just discount a product because it has been processed in a certain way – it might just be better for you!

Why not order some Jamu today to add to your next juice or smoothie?